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Sin No More Part 1

Is your salvation some sort of joke? Are you foolish enough to think that Jesus would bleed to death to save you and not expect something in return? Be assured that if you keep wilfully sinning after you are saved, you will be judged at the feet of Christ, will incur His wrath, and lose rewards in Heaven. If you see nothing wrong with continuing to live just like any other worldly atheist even after you have professed faith in Christ, then you should re-examine your spiritual condition, for a wayward heart and a lack of self-discipline are firm indicators that perhaps you are in fact not saved at all, and Hell still awaits you. When a woman was caught in adultery, none of her accusers were found to be without sin themselves, so Jesus banished them, and forgave her, yet then strictly enjoined her to sin no more.

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Click here for Part 2

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