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Elijah And The Widow

Maybe God is asking you to do the thing you most don’t want to do, or the thing you think is impossible for you to do. Or maybe God wants you to do something that you think is too easy, or too boring, or too humble, and you think it’s beneath you to do it. You think you’re better than that. Or maybe God is asking you to do the thing you’re best at. And you are feeling pleased and proud because you’re so good at this thing, that you are looking forward to showing God and everybody else what a fine Christian you are by doing it so well.
At such times, God has a way of testing us to show us what we’re really made of, to show us what our true motivations are. He can turn easy-sounding jobs into difficult jobs, and difficult-sounding jobs into easy ones, to educate us in true Christian service by bringing us to a place of humility and trust that we never before thought possible.

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