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Unequally Yoked Part 3

Burn Your Old Yoke

If your Christian life seems like hard work or is otherwise unpleasant, it’s most probably because you’ve got the wrong yoke on. You should remove it and burn it so that you can never go back to being yoked to an unbeliever, and take upon you the easy yoke of Christ instead. This is the third and concluding part of three sermons on unequal yoking.

This sermon is Part 3 of a series of three on the subject of unequal yoking:

Click here for the previous sermon in the series
Unequal Yoking Part 2  ‘The Date You Shouldn’t Make’

Or here to start at the first part of the series
Unequal Yoking Part 1  ‘Different Animals’

Click here to watch video of this sermon offsite…

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