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Unequally Yoked Part 2

The Date You Shouldn’t Make

In this second part of three sermons devoted to the problem of unequal yoking, we specifically discuss the forbidden folly of Christians romantically dating non-Christians, and present a case study. Note that Satan can and will specifically target ambitious Christians with sexual or romantic temptation by non-Christian partners. It’s the oldest and easiest trick in his playbook, and achieves its evil purpose in nine cases out of ten. Even if a Christian yoked to an unbeliever in marriage still keeps coming to church for the rest of their life, they have in fact effectively handicapped themselves and will be largely useless for any serious Christian service ever again, just as a football player with a leg injury can never again play professionally in the major leagues. Once you marry an unbeliever, it’s all over. You’ll be on the trash heap.

This sermon is Part 2 of a series of three on the subject of unequal yoking:

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Unequal Yoking Part 3  ‘Burn Your Old Yoke’

Or here to start at the first part of the series
Unequal Yoking Part 1  ‘Different Animals’

Click here to watch video of this sermon offsite…

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