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Unequally Yoked Part 1

Different Animals

One of the greatest single causes of the destruction and dirtying and weakening and death of the Church today is unequal yoking, that is to say, believers forming closely-bonded partnerships with unbelievers. This is part 1 of a three part study of the problem, beginning with a precise examination of the foundational meaning of ‘yoking’ as a common and not so ancient practice in the use and management of animals for work and transport.

This sermon is Part 1 of a series of three on the subject of unequal yoking:

Click here for next sermon in the series
Unequal Yoking Part 2  ‘The Date You Shouldn’t Make’

Or here for
Unequal Yoking Part 3  ‘Burn Your Old Yoke’

Click here to watch video of this sermon offsite…

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