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No Such Thing as a Post-Christian Culture

Frankly, we Christians despise living in the horrible depraved world that atheists and Christ-rejectors have made of it, and when the last one of us leaves, don’t worry, we’ll shut the door behind us on the way out. But until then, we are very much still around on Planet Earth, and we therefore categorically object to non-Christians’ rather hasty assumption that we are living today in a post-Christian culture. On the contrary, Christian culture is still very much around, and I and the many supporters of this blog and many others like it are living testimony of that. You don’t get rid of us that easily. Furthermore, do not deceive yourselves with the theory that God’s Word is somehow irrelevant in today’s world. The Biblical scriptures are a living word that is just as effective as ever as a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, and will accomplish that which God pleases, and prosper in the thing whereto God sent it. Modernist factions within Christendom who malign and demote scripture as an irrelevant and ineffective mode of apologetics to approach today’s atheists with, are just plain wrong. A return to a full and clear proclamation of the unmodified Biblical scriptures is in fact, as ever, the only path to an unbeliever’s heart.

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