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Make A Plan For God’s Life

It was good to get back into the pulpit in Rome last week. Summer is a good time for lay preaching, when many pastors sometimes take a short furlough and need a preacher to fill in for them, so I was happy to step in for our friends at Castel di Leva on the outskirts of the city. I’ve preached this one before, but this was the first time we were able to get a recording of it.

The sermon deals with the popular slogan ‘God has a plan for your life’ which is actually not found anywhere in the Bible, but is in fact a destructive Satanic lie inadvertently perpetuated by many mainstream churches and well-meaning yet dangerously mistaken evangelists using corrupt modern Bible translations such as the NIV, ESV, NAS and Good News Bibles.

Christians who wait for such a plan to be revealed, or who consider themselves to be ‘resting in His Plan’ are wasting their time and God’s, and are heading for disillusion and abandonment of Christianity, resulting in depletion and undermining of the Church, which is exactly what Satan devised and intends the slogan to achieve.

But learn here what Jeremiah 29:11 really means, throw away your Satanic bible translation and get yourself a real Bible instead (the King James), learn how to interpret it contextually, and start attacking Satan head-on, instead of allowing this trickery of his to disappoint and destroy your new life in Christ before it’s even begun. Don’t wait for God to reveal a plan for your life. He doesn’t work like that: Make a plan for God’s life instead. I guarantee, from scriptural precedent, He’ll be glad you did!

Preached at Castel di Leva Bible Baptist Church, Rome, Italy,
August 14th 2016,
The picture in the video shows early Christians being fed to lions at the Colosseum, a building I see pretty much daily, as it still stands here in my home town of Rome, a solid reminder of God’s plans for Christians, which urges a common sense, Biblical approach to the topic of divine guidance necessary for mature, steadfast and productive Christianity.

Click here to watch video of this sermon offsite…

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