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What’s the matter with kids today?

Definitely something, and this time it’s no joke. Satan is mightily using social media as a mass hysteria tool to turn young people’s minds further from the created ideal than ever before. Transgender ideology has a grip on many people, especially teenagers. The sudden rapid increase in young people feeling they were ‘born in the wrong body’ is alarming. Fortunately the British Government has recently abandoned plans to make it far quicker and easier to change legal sex in England and Wales, as there is clear evidence of mere copycat behaviour, (rather than genuine cases) disproportionately spreading the craze through peer groups, as is common with any teenage craze. As always, ever since teenage culture first emerged as a definable demographic social segment in the early 1950’s, but now more than ever, young people are being unwittingly manipulated by older and cleverer operators than themselves, who exploit them for votes and hard cash. We must warn them. But how and why does this happen? What are the ingredients and mechanics of a craze, and why is transgenderism more harmful than green hair, tattoos or drugs, and symptomatic of a deeper and more dangerous sickness? And what is the cure?

Two excellent briefings published by The Christian Institute form part of the answer and are downloadable as handy pdfs below:

‘Social Contagion’ looks at how beliefs, feelings and behaviours can spread rapidly from person to person:

Download ‘Social Contagion’

‘The Transgender Craze’ then shows how ‘social contagion’ can help us understand the surge in transgenderism among young people:

Download ‘The Transgender Craze’

A Gentle Introduction To Death

The Coronavirus plague and lockdown gives us time and opportunity for a serious think about life and death, and how to prepare for it.

Click here to watch video of this sermon offsite…

Ken Connolly on The Valley Of Dry Bones


Enough of me preaching… I’m not fit to hold a candle to this man. They called Spurgeon ‘The Prince of Preachers’, but I was fortunate to be alive and sit under the ministry of another Prince of Preachers, Dr Kenneth Connolly. I also had the privilege of making his acquaintance first-hand, and spending quality leisure time with him, during which he mentored me in theology and the craft of preaching, at no charge.

Alas, he is with the Lord now, therefore although he is now comforted in Abraham’s bosom, there is consequently one less preacher now left on earth who really knew how to do the job, and in this dark age, we need such preachers more than ever. God’s removal of Dr Connolly from among the realm of the living is a judgement, not on him, but on mankind, for behold, “the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD”.

In the computer game jargon of kids today, there is a word: ‘Pwned’.
It means to totally conquer, dominate, humiliate, convince, or win over an opponent or situation. I can’t think of a better word to describe Ken Connelly’s mastery of the pulpit. Click the link below and you will receive the blessing of hearing Dr Connolly totally pwning a congregation some twenty years ago on the subject of Ezekiel’s vision of the Valley Of Dry Bones:

Ken Connolly: The Valley Of Dry Bones (sound only, no video version available)

Does ‘Equality’ Override Religious Freedom?

Prof Roger Trigg asks ‘Does ‘Equality’ Override Religious Freedom?’