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Let Both Grow Together

We cannot stop Satan planting heretics and apostates in the worldwide open field of professing Christendom. They will deceive many, the unwise and the unruly, the vessels fitted for destruction, but that is their wilful foreordination, and God will fix that problem Himself. He will send His angels to pluck them up and burn them at the end of the age, so that in general we cannot, need not, and should not waste time attempting to engage Satan’s people on Satan’s sown soil. That vengeance is God’s, and He will repay. However, God has ordained a manageable tool of Christianity called The Local Church, and within this church it is very much our duty to try to prevent such weeds springing up, taking root, choking and overpowering our own local church. If we stick to the rules of good churchmanship and faithful membership, it should be relatively easy to keep the weeds under control in the garden of God’s elect.

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